Keepin' It Real Young Adult Group

Transitioning into adulthood can bring big changes and intense challenges. This group empowers college students/young adults with the skills and support to grow into healthy, thriving adults. Coping skills, or strategies, help us learn to deal with and manage issues like stress, depression, anger, anxiety and more. The goal is to learn proactive positive strategies to help us deal with problems as they arise and to have the necessary skills to help us through a tough time. This group will bring young adults together facing similar issues to work together on coping successfully. We will learn strategies that will help us better manage the stresses of life as well as building a bond with others in this process. Conversations around love, relationships, sexuality, and more are typically addressed. If you find it hard to cope or are having trouble coping, this group is for you.

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SWAHN: Spoken Words And Healing Noise

SWAHN is an acronym for Spoken Words and Healing Noise. The use of song lyrics and spoken words helps you to change your way of thinking, feeling and behaving. If we can manage those, we can achieve our goals and gain success in life. SWAHN is a culturally sensitive therapy group that considers the social, political, spiritual and emotional context in which individuals’ lives are embedded.

Group participants will use spoken words (i.e., music, poetry and personal life narratives) to connect with their inner selves while giving voice to silence. Also, these forms of stylistic expression will allow students to become rhythmically engaged and offer a unique way of accessing a full range of emotions and physical sensations that serves as a catalyst for change toward optimal psychological health and well-being. No formal writing training or experience is needed. All you need to get started is a pen, some paper, and a beat (if needed).

This group will provide a safe and non-judgmental place to explore issues related to anger, shame, guilt, depression, isolation, anxiety, feelings of invisibility, marginalization, feeling misunderstood and disconnected from yourself and others. In this group together through spoken words, we will develop our capacity to heal one another, restore our ability to self-regulate, develop resilience and mastery, gain control over residues of past hurt, use language to change ourselves and others, foster healthy relationships and develop healthy coping strategies.

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Social Skills Groups

I offer several different social skills groups that focus on improving children's, adolescents', and teens' social skills. These groups are beneficial for those that are shy, have difficulty making or maintaining friendships, or for children who have behavioral problems in group settings.
The social skills groups emphasize cooperative behaviors, social communication, and social problem solving. These groups are a great tool for children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Social Anxiety, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 
I offer groups for school-aged children (ages 5-11), adolescents (ages 12-14), and high schoolers (ages 15-17). The open groups meet once a week for one hour. Please contact me if you feel your child or teen may be a good fit for a social skills group or if you have any questions. 

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Making a Good First Impression
  • Making & Keeping Friends
  • Thinking before Speaking (verbal filter)
  • Improving Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Conversation Skills (verbal & nonverbal)
  • Joining In with Peers
  • Staying on Topic
  • Asking Appropriate Questions
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Sportsmanship
  • Perspective Taking
  • Bullying/Teasing
  • Listening and Following Directions
  • Teamwork/Compromising
  • Being Flexible and “Going with the Flow”
  • Anger and Frustration Management
  • Impulse Control
  • Expressing Emotions Appropriately