Therapy For College Students


I recognize the balance needed between the need for college students to be related to as adults with fully confidential therapy, while also appreciating that their parents have a stake in their therapy and are often quite concerned. I am skilled at navigating this balance so that students feel they have privacy while also recognizing that parents can be an asset in treatment.

My approach is dynamic and dope. I am not your traditional “tell me about your mother” or “let’s figure out what’s wrong with you” sort of therapists. I work creatively to find out how to make a partnership with young adults that is respectful, based in trust and also includes room for being demanding when needed.

Issues related to dating, sex, drugs, drinking, depression, anxiety and academic pressures are not topics that will freak me out. I can handle any topic!

Couples Counseling


As a relationship therapist, I view communication problems and intimacy issues as a breakdown in connection between you and your partner. In our work together, we will focus on healing through reconnecting with your partner by creating new, shared meanings about the relationship. Typically, clients rely on old assumptions about how to make a relationship work. These separate and different perspectives often get in the way of being understanding and compassionate for your loved one. Ultimately, your ability to be understanding and compassionate for your partner will improve your ability to communicate more effectively. 

My style of couples therapy honors different communication styles. We will explore both verbal and non-verbal methods of expressing what you feel and think to your partner. We will learn together which methods are most useful to you, so that you may walk away from each session knowing more about your partner than you did before. My hope is that improved communication will lead to more openness, which will inevitably lead to greater intimacy and a more satisfying relationship.

**Couples Counseling is appropriate for both married and unmarried partners.**

Additional Areas Of Expertise: 

Anxiety and stress related concerns

Depression and other mood disorders

Low self-esteem/self-confidence

Negative/critical/obsessive thought patterns

Anger/conflict resolution

Trauma, Grief, & Loss

Phase of life transitions (i.e. career changes, divorce, etc.)

Attention Deficit Disorders

School Interview Prep (Private Schools and Colleges/Universities)

Challenges with Disabilities (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Communication Disorders, and Learning Disorders)